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Book #0.5 prequel novella to The Tarot Series



It's Christmas in Boston...

And Harvard student California Blue is having one hell of a holiday season. When a family emergency interrupts her tarot reading, California races to the hospital…accidentally running into a dark stranger. Despite the circumstances, California’s drawn to him. Her body’s on fire for him, and she can’t extinguish the burning flames…

Manhattan banker London Shaw hooks up with women for one reason—to release the stress of his daily work grind. But when his father falls ill, London flies to Boston, only to have a mystery woman slam into him outside the hospital. London never feels emotion for a woman, not anymore. And this one is completely hidden, bundled up to the eyes in layers of winter clothing. So what is that sensation in his heart?

California has vowed she’ll never commit to a romantic relationship, or even a meaningless fling. But the dark stranger from outside the hospital has her reeling, and when she runs into him again at a holiday masquerade party, her body threatens to betray her self-imposed vow. Will California let down her guard and show London what’s Underneath the Mask?

* This is a prequel novella to the full-length hot and sexy novel FINDING JOY STREET



Book #1 of The Tarot Series



No one's come close to uncovering California Blue's darkest secrets. But she's about to meet the man who's up for the challenge.

New college grad California has always been known as "Happy Helpful Cali." Her sunny disposition and enthusiastic tarot readings cover up her darker side until gorgeous player London Shaw moves into her Boston apartment building and seems to see right through her.

With his perma-frown and expensive suits, London's the most irritating, arrogant man California's ever met. And despite their instant undeniable chemistry, she's the exact opposite of London's type. He doesn't want to pick her up, and she has no interest in helping him out. But as the tarot cards would have it, California and London are destined for a torrid encounter. When a crisis forces California to let London inside her world, the seismic fire between them ignites into one passionate "no-strings attached" night together.

But can California's dark past let her have a future with London? And can the persistent Bostonian do what no man ever has- get California Blue to lay down her defenses and bare her soul?


Book #2 of The Tarot Series



She trusts him with her body…but can she trust him with her heart?

Paris Sorelli has ten days to get her no-good ex’s car from L.A. to Boston. The problem? She’s the world’s worst driver. So she needs a shotgun rider: “must be female” is her one firm stipulation. But only one person signs up, and he’s clearly all male.

Caleb Walker is a former teen Hollywood icon desperate for a fresh start. His one shot at a new career is waiting three thousand miles away and he’s certain he’s the right person to chaperone Paris, and her perfect ass, to Beantown.

Only she’s not certain at all: Paris is convinced from her tarot reading that this is the wrong time for a relationship, and she’s totally thrown off by the smoking hot ex-actor. But when Caleb denies his attraction to her, claiming she’s too “peppy” for him, Paris reluctantly agrees to drive with him across the country. After a few shared bumps on their journey, Paris and Caleb finally let their fiery passion spill over into a mind-blowing night together. And then another, and another. Caleb’s in love, but can he get the woman who trusts no one to take a chance on him with her heart?


Book #3 of The Tarot Series

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